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Have You Heard About The Jawbone Up 24?

Jawbone Up 24What do Sony, Samsung, Adidas and Nike have in common? For one, the fitness band idea.

In case you are one of millions of people who are looking for the best fitness band, then the Jawbone Up 24 will surely catch your attention. Although there are already many Jawbone devices available in various markets, the arrival of the 24 has indeed made things to go wireless.

The mentioned fitness device is said to be similar to Fuel Band of Nike. Moreover, the Up 24 offers more details about the movements of your body throughout the day than its competitors.

There are many advantages in using the Up 24 and one of these is its ability to make you updated in every single detail of your daily activities such as eating and playing. This will enable you to have a clear picture of what your health looks like for any given day. However, in order to achieve this result, you should be committed in putting every single element of your daily activities.

Jawbone Up 241Your Android or Smartphone will be put in use since the Up 24 can monitor your steps and other activities which can be wirelessly synced with the use of the technology called Bluetooth. You are allowed to set any target for the day and the device will alert you through your smart phone once you achieved your goal for that day.

The Up 24 can also keep track of your sleep which others do not have. The device has a button which you can push to switch it to sleep mode. With the help of this technology, you will have a much clearer idea on your sleeping pattern since this will be recorded. Another advantage of this device is that it has the ability to record your calorie intake everyday and inform you of the foods you need to burn, especially if you are undergoing a diet.

Although the Up 24 does not feature clock face, it cannot be denied that with its numerous features and application, this device is much better that any fitness band out in the markets today.

My First Week With Garcinia Cambogia – There’s No Harm In Trying

Garcinia CambogiaLet me take you to my attempt to give currently “the most famous weight loss supplement in circulation” a try.

Day one and I’ve just taken my first pill. I’m going out with friends tonight, so, I’m expecting to fit in my size 2 “little black dress” any moment now… NOT! Okay, I was just kidding. I know I’ll have to take two pills a day for a period of time to be able to benefit from this supplement and I’m ready to follow that.

But first I just want to stress that I’m not doing this as a form of gimmick for this particular supplement. I was just drawn to try Garcinia Cambogia after seeing it on Dr. Oz’s show who have explained the many benefits that this new type of weight loss supplement can give as well as from different articles that I’ve read about it like in the Women’s Health Magazine. In one of their articles, I’ve read that one of its editors also tried the supplement and decided to share the experience in one of their columns.

Since this is my first time to try the Garcinia supplement, I’ve been observing myself for typical side effects like nausea and headaches (as reported by those who’ve tried it) but other than feeling a little hazy which immediately went away, I’m feeling totally fine.

Garcinia Cambogia1However, there’s one change that I’ve noticed about myself after taking the supplement.

I’ve never had a craving for a burger for a long time now, and haven’t had the feeling of wanting to eat some fast food since I decided to live healthy. But after my first supplement this morning, I just suddenly felt a craving for a burger. I don’t know if that has something to do with the effects that you’ll get from taking the Garcinia supplement or if my mind is just trying to counter the supplement.

But then again, I’m just on my first pill and still a long way before I could really prove any point. We’ll see in the time to come if this supplement could really improve my weight loss goal or the other way around.

Again, this is all me and no one forced me to do this article nor made me try the supplement. I guess, I just like to discover things and then share the world of my discovery.

How One Teen Will Feed Cancer Patients In Need: A Small Act Is A Great Thing

Feed Cancer Patients1Cancer, this is one of the most dangerous diseases that one can ever have. Aside from the fact that it is very fatal, the cost of fighting against it means a lot of money. With the very burdensome image of this disease, do you think a simple teenager can be able to do something for cancer patient? A lot of you will answer in a negative way because cancer is a very complex disease that even some doctors cannot cure. How one teen will feed cancer patients in need? Let us answer for that question.

Since cancer affects the whole health condition of the patient, it is very important that he/she was able to intake the right choice of food. What are these Feed Cancer Patients11foods? Of course, vegetables and fruits are in the top of the list. But the sad truth is that, a lot of cancer patients are deprived of these nutritious foods because of lack of money to buy one.

This scenario opens the opportunity for teenagers out there. Anyone can plant vegetables and fruits, even in the backyard. With this thought, a simple teen can plant veggies good for the cancer patients and lend it to them once he already harvested it. A very good idea, isn’t it?

Katie Stagliano, a 13-year old business person, was the one who really started to light the fire. She decided to form an open community garden that can be able to feed hundreds of families each year. Actually, the main purpose of the said garden is to give honor to the cancer patients in her place.

Helping others has no age requirement. Each and one of us have the ability to touch one’s life, only if wanted to. In small and simple ways, we are unknowingly saving a lot of lives.

Analyzing Further Why Americans Fail In Their Diet

Acamerican dietcording to a recent study, Americans are leading the list of the people who are prone to suffering from obesity and other weight related problems. For sure, just like the others, you are also confused and wondering why the most powerful country in the whole world is not doing well when it comes to the health of their people. Why American diet fails, you might ask? The answer to this question will be provided in the succeeding parts of this post.

There are many reasons why most Americans are suffering from obesity and overweight issues. One of these is due to the fondness of the white people over fast foods and calorie dense foods.

We all know that in order to lose weight, we need to avoid eating foods that are high in calories such as those that are usually served in the different fast food restaurants. Fortunately, most Americans love to dine out in these food establishments not minding the risk of the foods they eat and their relevance to their diet.

Below are some more reasons why American diet is not doing great:

• Americans love to eat in fast food restaurants even if some of them have the awareness of the too much calories that can be found in the foods served in these places.

american diet1Most Americans are also fond of eating late night snacks filled of junk foods and sugar laden drinks such as soda and fruit juices.

• Some of the United States citizens love to eat but are too lazy in hitting the gym to burn the excess calories they have inside their bodies. Most of these people will be seen watching their favorite DVD movies while sitting comfortably in their couches.

• Americans especially the youth are not eating nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits.

While the things we have enumerated here do not represent the entire American population, it cannot be denied that the information here is true and could be the reason why Americans are failing when it comes to their diet.

Let The Right Foods Help You In Maintaining A Good Health

Good HealthDo you know the best foods for good health? Do you have the complete list of the foods you should eat every day in order to improve your overall health? In case you are having some difficulties in answering these questions, then most likely you are suffering from various health problems due to your lack of knowledge of the healthy foods you must provide your body.

Below are the 5 best foods that can vastly improve your overall health:

1. Fruits and vegetables – these are the foods that deserve a spot in your regular diet since they are rich in the essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that your body needs. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fibers and antioxidants that are both efficient when it comes to the maintenance of the normal functions of your internal organs and body systems.

2. Yoghurt – various researches have proven that yoghurt is rich in the nutrients that can help you fight gum and dental problems. This is essential since failure to check gum problems can result to serious issues such as a heart disease.

3. Raisins – this food is essential to your health as it is rich in the antioxidants that have the capability to fight the bacteria that are causing inflammation and dental problems. According to some medical researchers, people who are suffering from dental and gum diseases are more prone to having more heart complications.

Good Health14. Whole grains – one food that must be included in your breakfast or in your daily diet is whole grain. This food is rich in the fibers, which are extremely vital in the improvement of your overall health. Eating whole grains also help in effective weight loss.

5. Beans – another food that deserves a spot in your regular diet is the beans because of the fibers that it contains. According to some researches, beans effectively help in binding cholesterol and preventing them from getting absorbed by the gut of our body.

After giving you the 5 best foods that can improve your health, you are now much equipped of the knowledge on how you can achieve a good health.

Chocolate Addicts, Want To Cut Chocolate Cravings? Talk A Walk

Chocolate CravingsAre you a chocolate addict? They say that when you are at work, you will surely eat a lot of more chocolates because this can boost your energy. Actually, this has been a wrong perception by a lot of us. How did I say so? Later on, you will understand what I am taking about. Want to cut chocolate cravings? Take a walk!

Chocolates have been part of the life of the employees, especially those who worked in long hours. An experiment was conducted in a group of 78 employees who treat chocolates as part of their lives. They were divided into two groups. The first group was tasked to take a 15minute brisk walk before they start doing their task which ranges from easy to difficult. On the other hand, the other group was tasked to take a rest before starting the same set of tasks. When the results have been analyzed, it was found out that those who take a simple work before starting ate lesser chocolate than the other group.

With the information provided, we can say that the level of difficulty of the work is not a Chocolate Cravings1factor for the chocolate consumption. It is only a psychological thing when you feel energized every time you eat. The consumption for this comfort food depends on the exercise that you have had before doing tasks.

Making chocolate eating a habit while at work is not a good thing. Yes, chocolates are delicious but it is not healthy. As a matter of fact, you will surely gain lots of weight if you do not stop such activity.

Eating chocolate is not bad. It is a form of reward for the things that we have accomplished. But it is our responsibility to take just the right amount. Let us not put our health at risk.

Beware: Calcium Supplements Can Be Risky For Women

Calcium SupplementsWomen taking calcium supplements may risk heart health, researchers say. This claim will definitely confuse lots of women who are taking their daily supply of calcium. If you are one of these women, then you would have wanted to know the basis of the claim that calcium supplement can pose some risks on the heart health of women. For sure, you will be puzzled why this very important supplement can pose heart risks when you have been told by most that this nutrient is essential for your health.

In order for you to understand this subject, allow us to give you some of the essential facts that you ought to know:

  • Calcium has been highly recommended by most doctors as one of the most important nutrients that women should have, since this is responsible in keeping their bones strong and healthy.
  • However, according to the different studies, women who are taking calcium supplement are more prone to suffer from a heart disease by a whopping 86% as compared to women who do not take any supplement.
  • Calcium Supplements1According to most health experts, what you must do is to look for other sources of this nutrient and exert a conscious effort to enrich it.
  • It has been proven by several researches and studies that calcium supplements are increasing the risk of cardiovascular illnesses.

While it is really expected that you will be perplexed with the latest studies about calcium supplement, you should be sure that you are also giving it the enough attention. Ignoring it will not be a wise decision to do, since this could lead to some health problems that you might regret afterwards.

Keep in mind that every research that is coming out regarding your health should be given the proper attention and discrimination and must never be ignored.

Want To Improve Your Overall Health? Eat Fiber Rich Foods

Fiber Rich FoodsFilling up on fiber is extremely important for anyone who wants to stay healthy and safe from various diseases. If you are one of the health buffs who are concerned with your health, then learning how you can fill yourself of fibers will be a huge thing for you. Even if you inquire this matter to the people who have vast knowledge about good health, majority of them will surely give emphasis to the importance of taking fibers.

Below are some of the interesting facts and details about fibers:

There are two types of the fibers that you will encounter: the insoluble and the soluble type. The soluble type of fibers is the responsible in the regulation of the blood sugar level in your body. This fiber helps in the prevention of the different diseases such as diabetes, which is currently considered one of the major problems experienced in various countries today.

The soluble fibers are also capable of enhancing the level of your body’s cholesterol as it limits the calories that enter inside your body. In the event that you are following a diet program, taking foods that contain soluble fibers will be a big Fiber Rich Foods1boost in succeeding with your losing weight endeavor.

The insoluble type of fibers on the other hand adds bulk into your stool and makes the bowel movement functions normally. This fiber also makes your stomach feel full fast and prevent you from eating more. Just like the soluble fiber, the insoluble also provides that big help in achieving the best result from your weight loss program.

Most of the fiber rich foods are extremely essential when it comes to the task of shedding your excess weight off. Some of the foods that are rich in fibers are the following: whole grains, oatmeal, vegetables, and nuts. Including these foods to your regular diet will be enough to supply your body the sufficient amount of fibers that you truly need.

The Essence Of Eating Fiber Rich Foods Explained

Rich FoodsIf you want to achieve your goals of staying fit and healthy, one thing that deserves your attention is the diet you must follow. You need to make sure that you are eating the right foods, especially those that can give you essential benefits and are capable of improving your overall health. There are different nutrients and minerals that your body must have, but one of the most important of them all is fiber. According to most health experts, you must have this nutrient since fiber, the diet workhorse, works to provide you the best results.

What is fiber?

This is the indigestible stuff that is found in most plant-based foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, and whole grains foods. Fiber is not like the vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates that can be easily broken and absorbed by your body. Because of this fact, fibers are passing through the digestive system unchanged and are helping your body in the process of eliminating waste products, which are harmful to your health.

Following a high fiber diet has many benefits to offer, which is something that you might not have found in your past diet programs. Here are some of the benefits that can be derived from following a high-fiber diet plan:

  • Lessens the digestive problems such as constipation, diverticulitis, and hemorrhoids.
  • Rich Foods1It can bring down the level of your body’s cholesterol level and reduce the risks of suffering from various heart illnesses such as stroke and heart attack.
  • It can also help in balancing the blood sugar level and in keeping you safe against diabetes.
  • This can also aid in an effective weight loss since eating fiber rich foods can make your stomach full, thus stopping you from eating more.
  • This diet can also reduce the risk of suffering from serious illnesses such as colon cancer.

According to most health experts, fibers are extremely effective when it comes to aiding you in achieving your desired weight, because of its capability to satisfy your stomach fast and to prevent you from experiencing frequent hunger. So, if you are having a hard time getting rid of your weight, one thing you need to do is to include fibers in your regular diet.

Why You Should Not Eat And Allow Yourself Be Dictated By Your Emotions

EmotionsAre you eating your feelings on the job? Time to move on, health experts’ advice. In the event that you are included in the group of the individuals who often find themselves eating too much due to the pressures and stress of their jobs, then we will need to encourage you to stop doing it. If you want to stay fit and healthy, then following our advice is the best thing you need to do—immediately!

If you have the habit of eating often and cannot resist doing it, then you need to be reminded that what you are doing is not good for your health. You must understand that allowing yourself to eat too much just because you are stressed and pressured from your work will not resolve anything. Binge eating, which is classified as the uncontrolled eating frequency, is also one of the reasons why obesity is commonly experienced by people who are employed. As you can see, having enough cash to purchase the foods you want to eat makes it easy for you to indulge to binge eating, unlike those individuals who are not earning enough money for their day to day existence.

Emotions1However, eating your feelings on your job is not a good way to stay fit and healthy. This habit will affect not only your health but as well as your weight. You need to do something so you can be able to control yourself from eating, even if you are overwhelmed by stress and other negative stuff from your job.

One way that will help you deal with binge eating is to know the triggering factors, so you can make a plan on how to avoid them. As long as you have the awareness of the roots of this bad eating habit, resolving this issue will be much easier to do.